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Coolglide Excel Laser

Used for facial veins/rosacea and for hair removal from all skin types

Coolglide Excel Laser is a state of the art, 1064nm NDYag laser used for:

  • Hair removal and permanent hair reduction
  • Facial veins and spider veins on the legs

Coolglide Excel Laser Hair Removal

The Cool Glide Laser 1064 ND:Yag is an infrared spectrum laser that allows deep penetration of the laser into the skin to get to the deepest hairs. It''s special cooling head, that remains in contact with the skin, cools the skin in advance of the laser beam (and can be used after it too) to protect the skin from damage. Consequently most or all of the sensation of the treatment is from the very cool head. Some of the pulses can be felt as a small needle-like prick at times. Special blackout eyewear is worn by the patient to protect his/her eyes from stray laser light that does arise from reflection off the skin and other surfaces. The operator wears a specially graded pair of laser spectacles to protect his/her own sight. Likewise the treatment room is off limits to others (including children) unless they are wearing special protective eyewear. Medical lasers can be very dangerous if not operated correctly.

Coolglide laser is widely acknowledged as one of the best lasers for hair removal and permanent hair reduction. It has two main advantages over other lasers:

  • can be used on ALL skin types including Asian, Polynesian and Mediterranean skin.
  • speed - Coolglide is faster than most lasers and this means quicker treatment times and less cost. Most lasers are charged out on a time basis so the faster the laser the less you will pay. Chests and backs on men are, in particular, much faster with Coolglide.

As with all lasers, Coolglide works best on brown and black hair. This is because the target for the laser is the melanin in the hair follicle.

Black and brown hair follicles have lots of melanin and white and blond hair have little or no melanin.Some hair types will work better with a combination of Coolglide and Photoderm IPL so that Palm Clinic has all the options covered to deliver you the best possible results.


  • Many hairs are eliminated immediately and most fall out one to two weeks later
  • The treatment is relatively painless
  • Much less pain than waxing and unlike waxing offers permanent hair reduction.
  • Much less painful and more effective than electrolysis
  • Less side effects after treatment
  • Less time consuming

Coolglide Excel Laser FAQ''scoolglide1

How is it done?- The area to be treated is identified. A cool gel is applied to the surface usually. This allows the laser head to slide readily across the skin. Eyewear is checked. The laser is put off standby. A test dose is fired to determine the appropriate laser settings for comfort and effect iveness. Once this is established, the session begins in at a rate that is suitable for the area and patient comfort. Areas near the teeth, such as the lips and cheeks often have a moist gauze placed underneath in the mouth between the teeth and the overlying area to stop laser energy warming the teeth pulp.
Does it hurt? - The Cool Glide laser is very comfortable. Mostly the patient is aware of the cold tip only. Sometimes some heat or a sharp-feeling sensation occurs. The treatment levels and cooling can be adjusted for any locally more sensitive areas.-
How many treatments are required?- Usually four to six treatment sessions are required. Some people need only three. A very few might need more. More pale hairs will often need more. The sessions are based about every two months or at such time as there is sufficient growth of new hair to make the treatment worthwhile.

How long lasting is it?- Studies so far have been done with Cool Glide showing no regrowth in treated areas after two years. The body can grow new hair areas over time with changing hormonal levels.-
What skin colours can treated? - All skin colours can be operated on by the Cool Glide laser. This is not so of other types of lasers. Also even tanned skin can be treated. Some of the laser energy will be diverted to and wasted by the skin pigment in this case. And a lesser power might need to be used to stop unnecessary discomfort. But it will still work.
What hair colours can be treated?- As long as there is some pigment in the hair shaft to bulb, the hair can be treated. White hairs, not having pigment, can not be treated. Very blonde and red hairs tend to be slower to respond.
What happens to the hairs? - Some hairs will be forcibly expelled from the hair follicle at the time of the treatment. A number fall out in the next 24 hours. Most tend to gradually work their way up, appearing to still be growing, until about week two to three when suddenly they all seem to disappear.
Is laser energy safe? - Laser light is non-ionising radiation. Apart from some ultraviolet lasers (and the Cool Glide is infrared) there is no risk of damage to the skin that could result in later cancer etc. Care with the energy levels needs to be taken to avoid burns.

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